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Push hoe  Push hoe Chest/Push Hoe         73" (186cms) Long

Price   £55.00        (Ref: F/ 112.6601)

Note due to length collection only

Clay spade  Clay spade Clay Spade/Clay Fork stamped 'Yardleys'

Price   £65.00        (Ref:  Q/ 131.p)

  Bulb planter detail Unusual early 20th Century steel bulb planter with sliding divot remover

30" Long

Price £48.00   (Ref: X/ 22.j)

Garden Line Early 20th Century iron Garden Line

Price  £35.00   (Ref: T/ 39.c


aluminium garden line English aluminium Garden Line

Price   £35.00     (Ref:  W/ 167.j)

Iron Garden Line Early 20th Century iron Garden Line

Price  £38.00   (Ref: X/ 22.i)

Thistle Dock Grub Early 20th thistle/dock grub

18" (46cms) Long

Price  £38.00   (Ref: W/ 22.k)


secateurs Secateurs

Price   £15.00        (Ref V/ 14.j)

Sheffield secateurs Secateurs stamped 'E S Shill?? Sheffield'

Price   £15.00        (Ref: V/ 14.k)

Garden loppers Heavy Duty Pruners stamped 'Chater Lea LD 1917' believed to have originally been World War I wire cutters

Price   £45.00        (Ref: F/ 232A.liv)

Abel Brass Weed Spike Early 20th Century Brass Weed Spike stamped "ABEL"

34" (87cms) Long

Price  £45.00  (Ref: F/ 128.b)

Post hole borer  Post hole borer Post Hoe Mole stamped 'Hinds Patent Elwell Wednesbury'

Price   £45.00        (Ref: F/ 232A.d)

London brand iron  London brand iron 'LONDON' Branding Iron used for marking produce boxes

Price   £45.00        (Ref: H/ 2002.38)

Hop pole bar  Hop pole bar Hop Pole Bar

Price   £55.00        (Ref: F/ 244B.a)

Note due to weight collection only


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