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 Mounting Block  **
Mounting Block
Portland stone gable end suitable for use as a mounting block

25" (63cms) High
22" (56cms) Wide

Price    £750.00

Wrought Iron Stile 19th Century wrought iron ladder stile with hooped hand rail. This blacksmith made stile would have been produced to climb over wrought iron estate fencing or a stone wall.

 98" (250cms) Wide at the base
62" (157cms) High stile
83" (236cms) High overall including hand rail

Price  £750.00


water filter

19th Century London and General glazed terracotta water filter with perforated base and embossed stamp 'London and General Water Purifying Comp F H Danchell's Patent

'18" (46cms) Wide
11" (28cms) High

Price    £75.00

copper letter box 20th Century large copper 'POSTING BOX'

15½" (39cms) High
39" (99cms) Wide

Price    £340.00


door knocker

Early 20th Century brass Art Nouveau style door knocker

8" (20cms) Long
2¾" (7cms) Wide

Price   £35.00

Seahorse door knocker

20th Century blacksmith made iron door knocker in the form of a Seahorse great for a seaside property

13" (33cms) High

Price   £95.00

lead pump 19th Century lead pump suitable for use as a fountain spout

44½" (113cms) High

Price    £120.00

Pair of wheels stamped Bamford

19th Century cast iron spoked wheel stamped Bamford (2 available)

32" (81cms) Dia

Price    £50.00 each

grindstone 19th Century Grindstone

22" (56cms) Diameter
"  (10cms)  Deep

Price    £150.00      (Ref: W/ 107.333a)


Millstone 19th Century Millstone

24" (61cms) Diameter

Price    £90.00      (Ref: W/ 107.334b)


Millstone 19th Century Millstone

24" (61cms) Diameter

Price    £90.00      (Ref: W/ 107.334c)


       Sandstone Sculpture  **
Stone Garden Sculpture or Water Feature

Unusual sandstone Sculpture suitable for use as a water feature

25" (64cms) High

Price    £450.00


Shown below are examples of some of the chimney pots that we have in stock
Chimney Pots
Terracotta Chimney Pots
19th Century pair of buff terracotta round chimney pots

24" (61cms) High

Price   £180.00 (The pair)


decorative carved stone capital Carved stone decorative capital

14½" (37cms) Wide
10½" (27cms) High
7" (18cms) Depth at widest point

Price   £70.00

Stone ball finial 19th Century carved sandstone ball on plinth gatepost finial

23½" (60cms) High
18" (46cms) Square Base

Price    £175.00

composition stone ball finial Single composition stone ball finial on square base

23 " (59cms) High
13" (33cms) Square Base

Price    £95.00

pair of sandstone gate pier caps Pair of 19th Century stepped and domed sandstone square Gatepier Caps with square underbase suitable for 15" (38cms) square gatepier

13" (33cms) High
19" (48cms) Square at widest point

Price     £420.00    (the pair)

Gate Caps
Gatepier Caps
Pair of 19th Century limestone rectangular Pier Caps with domed tops

18" (46cms) Long
14"  (36cms) Wide

Price    £250.00 (the pair)

pair of pier caps Pair of square stone pier caps

24" (61cms) Square

Price   £120.00

Pedestrian garden gate Early 20th Century wrought iron pedestrian gate

40" (102cms) High
36" (91cms) Wide

Price   £90.00     (ref: H/ 131.155b)

wrought iron gates Early 20th Century wrought iron pedestrian gate (2 available)

39" (99cms) High
32" (81cms) Wide

Price   £90.00 each        (ref: F/ 166.721a)


estate railing pedestrian gate Early 20th Century estate railing pedestrian gate

43" (109cms) High
38" (97cms) Wide

Price   £90.00       (ref: Q/ 133.7167)


Entrance gate

19th Century wrought iron Entrance Gate

122½" (311cms) Wide
55" (140cms) Height to top rail

Price    £450.00

Iron Pedestrian Gate with Posts
Antique Gate
Fine mid 19th Century wrought iron pedestrian Gate with cast iron hanging and shutting posts

75" (190cms) wide overall
60" (152cms) overall height above ground

Price  £950.00


Hooped plant support    Hoop plant support detail Hoop plant support
Steel plant supports
Steel plant supports (rusted and galvanised) made to order

For details email:  enquiries@jardinique.co.uk

obelisk plant support triple spiral 2.5M 'Tansy' steel obelisk plant support with triple spirals

96" (244cms) High

Price   £170.00

obelisk plant support double spiral 2.5M 'Tansy' steel obelisk plant support with double spirals

96" (244cms) High

Price   £160.00


open top plant support triple spiral 2M 'Windermere' steel open top plant support with triple spirals

79" (200cms) High

Price   £120.00


open top plant support double spiral 2M 'Windermere' steel open top plant support with double spirals

79" (200cms) High

Price   £110.00


Spiral plant support Spiral plant supports

Medium (8mm steel) 48" (120cm) High     £15.00
Large (10mm steel)  79" (200cm)  High     £26.00


Open plant support Open tripod plant support

Price   £26.00  18" (46cms) Diameter

Price   £28.00   24" (61cms) Diameter

Tall plant support Open tall round plant fame

72" (183cms) High

Price    £115.00

Closed plant support Closed tripod plant support

18" (46cms) Diameter

Price    £20.00

 Rusted Fan Trellis Galvanised Fan Trellis
Steel Fan Trellis
Steel Fan Trellis

58" (148cms) High
46" (117cms) Wide

Price    £45.00   


  Galvanised obelisk Rusty obelisk

 Plant Support Obelisk Steel Plant Obelisks Steel Plant Obelisk
Steel Obelisks

Steel obelisk

74" (188cms) High
22" (56cms) Wide at base

Price   £85.00


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