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compositiion figure of a seated boy **

Early 20th Century composition stone figure of a young dandy seated on a rockwork base

31" (79cms)  High

Price      £750.00

pair of lead figures throwing darts and stones **

Pair of early 20th Century lead figures of a girl and boy throwing darts and stones respectively

28" (71cms) High - girl
27" (69cms) High - boy

Price     £2400.00 (the pair)


Snake Goddess  **

Early 19th Century carved sandstone figure of a classical goddess adorned with snakes and holding a wide bladed sword in her right hand

(this figure would originally have adorned a building with the rear part being built into the structure but is currently incorporated into a brickwork pier)

61" (155cms) High

Price £6800.00


Lead Turtle Boy  ** Early 20th Century lead figure of a boy holding a turtle on his back (originally designed as a fountain but pipework currently blocked)

25" (63cms) High

Price   £680.00

  Marble Psyche  **
Antique Marble Garden Figure of Psyche
Early 19th Century carved white marble figure of Psyche after Bertel Thorvaldsen.

Psyche here depicted with butterfly wings was the lover and wife of cupid and is shown holding a bottle containing ambrosia which she has been given by Jupiter granting her immortality.

Bertel Thorvaldsen born in Denmark before moving to Italy where he became one of the foremost late 18th/early 19th century sculptors.

54" (137"cms)  High

Price    £8200.00

set of lead four seasons figures ** Set of four lead seated figures representing the Four Seasons dating to the early 20th Century with the exception of 'Summer' which appears to be a more recent casting on low square stone bases

Figures 19" (49cms) High
Base        6" (15cms) High
Overall Height 25" (64cms)

Price     £2700.00 (the set of four)

terracotta figure of a whippet / greyhound ** Contemporary terracotta figure of a reclining whippet or greyhound by Alan Frost of Malmesbury

30" (76cms) Long
8" (20cms) Wide

Price     £620.00

lead figure of a gamekeeper ** 19th Century large lead figure of a gentleman sportsman or gamekeeper with shotgun over one shoulder and bag of game (partridges) over the other

55½" (141cms) High

Price     £6700.00

Armorial Lion  ** 20th Century armorial lion on a square composition stone plinth

Lion    31" (79cms) High
Plinth   28" (71cms) High
Height overall 59" (150cms)

Price £1200.00

Lead Girl with flower Garland  ** Early 20th Century lead figure of a young girl holding a garland of flowers

30" (76cms) High

Price   £750.00

Stone figure Mother and Child  ** 19th Century composition stone figure of a mother holding a baby, possibly by Austin and Seeley

For details of Austin and Seeley click here

53" (135cms) High
19" (48cms x 16" (41cms)  Rectangular base

Price  £850.00


pair of lead garden figures ** Pair of 20th Century lead figures of a gentleman and lady in 17th century dress, after John Cheere the eighteenth century leading lead figure maker

42" (197cms) Height of gentleman
40" (102cms) Height of lady

Price     £4500.00 (the pair)


Cast Iron recumbent lions  **
Cast Iron reclining lions
Pair of impressive 20th Century cast iron recumbent lions on integral rectangular plinths after the reclining lion at the Holsten Gate, Lubek, Germany

48" (122cm)   Length of Plinth
55" (140cm)   Max length of lion inc paws
21½" (55cm)  Width of Plinth
20" (51cms)    High

Price   £7500.00 (The Pair)

Coade Stone Croggon Lion  **
Croggon Coadestone Lion

Croggon Lambeth Stamp  **

An extremely rare early 19th Century Coade Stone Lion stamped "CROGGON LAMBETH 1824" on later sectional plinth by Thomasson Cudworth

Lion                 36" (92cm) long
                        13" (33cm) wide
                        21" (53cm) high

Plinth               49" (125cm) long
                        21" (53cm) wide
                        26" (66cm) high

Overall height  47" (119cm)

A pair of the same model of Coade Stone lions is on public display within the stable block at Audley End House near Saffron Walden, Essex

For details of Coade Stone click here

This is an extremely rare and early example of statuary specifically intended for garden ornamental purposes which is in superb condition (being 190 years old) without any restorations and with only areas of minor chipping to the surface.  This item would look equally impressive either in a garden setting or as an internal centre piece in a hall or conservatory.

Price   £22,000

Figure of a boy atributed to Austin and Seely  **

19th Century composition stone figure of a boy attributed to Austin and Seeley (damages including both hands missing)

For details of Austin and Seeley click here

35" (89cms) High

Price    £340.00


     Composition stone figures of four Elements   ** Set of four well weathered 20th Century composition stone figures representing the classical elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) on square plinths

Figures 41" (104cm) High
Plinths 10½" (27cm) High
Overall 51½" (131cm) High

Price   £3800.00  (The set of four)

pair of stone sphinxs

Pair of 20th Century large composition stone sphinxes of typical Greek form with lion body and woman's torso

39" (99cms) Long
15½" (39cms) Wide

Price    £750.00  (the pair)

Antique garden statue  **
Antique Garden Statue   
Early 20th Century figure of a girl emblematic of summer

26" (66cms) High

Price     £950.00

    Marble Flower Boy  **
Marble Boy
Early 20th Century carved white marble figure of a boy holding a basket of flowers, inscribed "E Chabert?"

39" (99cms) High

Price   £950.00

Stoneware Maiden representing Autumn  **
Old Stoneware Garden Statue
19th Century stoneware statue of a Maiden with vines and grapes entwined in her hair emblematic of Autumn

54" (138cms) High

Price    £8700.00

figure of a boy representing the element air ** Late 20th Century composition stone figure of a Boy holding a nest representing the element air (left arm, which would have been holding a bird, missing)

39" (99cms) High

Price     £460.00

Composition Stone Boy Representing Fire
Stone Garden Boy
Late 20th Century composition stone figure of a Boy holding a lamp representing the element fire

39" (99cms) High

Price     £550.00

Terracotta Boy with Pitcher  **
Fountain Boy
Late 19th Century French terracotta figure of a Boy with water pitcher

31" (80cms) High

Price     £550.00

Marble Statue
Fine 19th Century carved white marble figure of a Girl crying over her broken cup

22" (56cms) High

Price   £1900.00

Marble mask of a woman
Marble Mask
Early 20th Century carved marble Mask of a Maiden

17" (43cms) High
13" (33cms) Wide

Price  £360.00

Bronze Bust of a Gentleman
Bronze Bust
Early 20th Century French bronze Bust of a gentleman inscribed 'Carlier 1903' and 'Egruet J. Fondeur, Paris'

30" (76cms) High

Price  £750.00

bust of a gentleman
Old Garden Figure

19th Century marble statuary Bust of a Gentleman signed "R. Laws"

26" (66cms) High

Price   £720.00

Lead girl holding a drape  **
Lead garden figure

Early 20th Century lead Girl with drape

30" (76cms) High

Price   £550.00


Bronze figure by Vaudrey  **
Pierre Vaudrey Bronze
Early 20th Century interior bronze figure by Pierre Vaudrey of a Young Man and a Dog inscribed 'Robert Bain 1891 17 Mai 1904' together with artists signature 'P Vaudrey steur salon 1905' and foundry mark 'A Bultau-Fondeur Paris

26" (66cms) High

Price  £3500.00


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