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Antique Garden Urns and Garden Planters

(A large selection of copper containers suitable for use as planters are illustrated at the foot of this page

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Handyside Bowl on Stand  ** Circa 1860 cast iron bowl on stand by the Handyside Foundry

For details of the Handyside Foundry

34½" (86cms) High
27" (68cms) Diameter

Price  £1500.00

Pair of marble urns on pedestals ** Pair of 19th Century lobed marble urns on plinths

44" (112cms) Overall Height
23" (58cms) Wide

Price     £3300.00 (the pair)

Large Blashfield Urns  ** 19th Century (circa 1865) extremely rare pair of very impressive Blashfield terracotta tazza urns or fountain basins on square bases by J M Blashfield, one stamped 'J M Blashfield No. 711' referring to the model number

For details of Blashfield click here

56" (142cms) Diameter
48" (122cms) High (overall)

Available individually or as a pair

Price   £55,000 (The pair) or £35,000 Individually

pair of cast iron urns on pedestals Pair of 19th Century shallow tazza shape, white painted, cast iron urns on plinths

34" (86cms) High overall
22" (56cms) Diameter

Price  £1200.00

cast iron urn on pedestal 19th Century shallow tazza shape, white painted, cast iron urn on plinth

31" (79cms) High overall
22" (56cms) Diameter

Price  £580.00


** 19th Century  pair of  James Stiff stoneware campana shaped urns decorated with trailing vines and bearded mask twin handles. One stamped 'J Stiff & Sons'

27" (68cm) High
22"(56cm) Diameter

For details of James Stiff & Son click here

Price   £1900 (The pair)


Campana Compostion Stone Urns Pair of 20th Century composition stone campana urns on square plinths

44" (112cms) High overall
21" (53cms) Diameter at top

Price £750.00 (The Pair)

Compton Italian Trough  **
Compton Pottery 'Italian Boxes'
Pairs of early 20th Century Compton Pottery 'Oblong Italian Boxes', stamped with a circular wheel mark and letters 'PAG' indicating Potter's Art Guild

For details of Compton Pottery click here

12½" (31cms) High
25" (64cms) Long
15" (38cms) Wide

Price   £1500.00 (the pair)

Compton Italian box Single 20th Century Compton Pottery 'Oblong Italian Box', stamped with a circular wheel mark and letters 'PAG' indicating Potter's Art Guild

12½" (31cms) High
25" (64 cms) Long
15" (38 cms) Wide

Price    £750.00

Pair of stone urns  **
Carved Stone Urns
Pair of 19th Century Victorian carved stone tazza urns

25" (63 cms) High
28" (71cms) Wide

Price     £3200.00 (the pair)

compton trough

Early 20th Century Compton Pottery 'Oblong Italian Box' with Commedia Dell Arte masks stamped with a circular wheel mark and letters 'PAG' indicating Potter's Art Guild

24" (61cms) Long
15½" (39cms) Wide
12" (30cms) High

Price    £750.00

Pair of aluminium tazza urns Pair of 20th Century cast aluminium tazza urns

19" (48cms) High
30" (76cms) Diameter

Price  £420.00 (The Pair)

Gothic Composition Stone Planter Mid 20th Century well weathered composition stone Gothic style octagonal planter

25" (64cms)Wide
23" (58cms)

Price   £480.00

Scottish Terracotta Urn 19th Century Scottish terracotta floral and ribbon decorated urn on a low plinth
(one corner to urn foot missing)

29" (74cms) High
22" (56cms) Diameter

Price  £480.00

Pair of Carved Stone Urns Pair of carved limestone urns of square baluster form on square bases
(repairs and losses evident_

31" (79cms) High
18" (46cms) Square Top

Price   £620.00 (The Pair)

19th Century Cast Iron Tazzz Urns on Stands  ** Pair of 19th Century cast iron tazza urns on stands (one stand later with wreath decoration)

34½" (86cms) High Overall
30" (76cms) Diameter

Price  £1500.00 (The Pair)


Victorian Terracotta Urn on a Plinth 19th Century substantial red terracotta tazza shaped urn on a wreath decorated plinth

50" (127cms) High overall
29" (74cms) Diameter of urn

Price £825.00


Iron urns on stands Pair of 19th Century white painted campana shaped cast iron urns on green painted plinths

Urns 19½" (50cm) High
Plinths 15½" (39cm) High
35" (89cm)  High overall

Price   £625.00 (The Pair)

Victorian glazed stoneware strawberry planter ** Victorian glazed stoneware strawberry planter in the form of a simulated tree stump

20" (52cms) Diameter
20" (52cms) High

Price     £380.00

19th Century Cast Iron Tazza Urn 19th Century cast iron urn of shallow Tazza shape with a square foot

22" (56cms) High
30" (76cms) Diameter

Price  £550.00


Cast Iron Tazza Urn with square foot 19th Century cast iron urn of shallow Tazza shape with a square foot

19½" (50cms) High
30" (76cms) Diameter

Price  £525.00

Blashfield Urn
Blashfield Urn

19th Century Terracotta Urn attributed to Blashfield

For details of Blashfield click here

20" (51cms) High
16" (41cms) Wide

Price    £480.00

Flower Trays Pair of 20th Century well weathered composition stone flower trays/herb planters with basket weave decoration

21"  (53cm) Square
7" (17cm) High

Price   £220.00  (The Pair)     [Additional pairs available]

Composition Stone Planter 20th Century Composition stone square planter

17½" (43cms) Square
8" (20cms) High

Price  £60.00

Faus bois planter
Faux bois planter
Substantial 19th Century faux bois fireclay planter probably Scottish

25" (64cm) Square
20" (51cm) High

Price   £820.00

pair of cast iron urns on plinths Pair of modern lattice design cast iron urns on square floral decorated pedestals

26½" (67cms) Wide
47½" (121cms) Overall Height

Price   £750.00 (the pair)


Thistle stone urn
Thistle Urn
20th Century carved stone urn with thistle and oak leaf decoration

18" (46cms) High
14" (36cms) Wide

Price    £380.00

Composition Stone Lobed Urn 20th Century small composition stone um with lobed decoration

14" (36") Wide
20" (51cms) High

Price   £120.00

Old Clay Flower Pots
Old Flower Pots
Large selection of old clay Flowerpots

Prices ranging from 50 pence to £12.00 each


Galvanised Planters
Planted galvanised bath
Galvanised Bath
Galvanised containers make good deep reasonably priced planters 

Wheeled water trough Portable galvanised  6ft water trough in a wrought iron frame wheeled at one end

75½" (192cm)  Long overall
21½" (54cm)  Wide
27½" (70cm) Height of trough lip

Price  £425.00 RESERVED

Full size galvanised bath
Galvanised Bath

20th Century full size galvanised Bath
(more than one available)

68" (173cm) Long   
27" (69cms) Wide

Price    £90.00       (Ref: U/ 120.h)

Galvanised bath used as a wine cooler/ice bucket Galvanised baths not only make great planters but can be used as excellent drinks coolers for summer parties part filled with water and ice blocks

Galvanised Tall Planter 20th Century galvanised tapering tub with twin handles stamped "REGINA 1971 2½cuft 23lbs"

18" (56cms) Wide
23" (58cms) High

Price    £90.00      (Ref: Za/ 89a)


Large galvanised bucket Large galvanised bucket


18" (46cms) wide
16" (41cms) High

Price  £65.00  (Ref: Za/ 89h)

Large galvanised pail Large galvanised bucket


17" (43cms) wide
14" (36cms) High

Price  £65.00 (Ref Za/ 89i)

galvanised 'barrel' tub Modern galvanised 'barrel' tub (more than one available)

21" (53cms) High

Price    £95.00


  Copper Planters
  Planter copper copper
Copper Copper
Old copper wash tubs, boilers and pots make perfect large planters.

(These have the added benefit of protecting the plants from slugs and snails which are repelled by copper)


(The copper pictured left is for illustrative purposes only and regrettably no longer available)

 slug damage in terracotta pot
 slug damage in copper pot
Comparison in slug and snail damage to hostas between terracotta pot (top) and copper container (bottom)

Antique Copper Copper 19th Century riveted copper copper

13" (33cms) High
18" (46cms) Wide

Price £240.00 (Ref: zb/ 34.a)

Vintage Copper Vat 20th Century large copper vat with  twin handles

18" (46cms) High
25½" (65cms) Wide

Price £250.00  (Ref: z/ 121.g)


20th Century Copper cauldron with twin handles

15" (38cms) High
26" (66cms) Wide

Price £250.00  (Ref: z/ 10.b)


Copper cauldron Z10c 20th Century copper cauldron

15" (38cms) High
25" (63cms) Wide

Price £250.00  (Ref: z/ 10.c)


Copper Container 20th Century vintage copper cauldron

18" (46cms) High
28" (71cms) Wide

Price    £270.00      (Ref: y/ 133.c)


copper cauldron 20th Century copper cauldron

17" (44 cms) High
25" (64 cms) Wide

Price    £180.00      (Ref: y/ 40b)

Vintage Copper Cauldron 20th Century vintage copper cauldron

16" (41cms) High
29" (74cms) Wide

Price    £250.00      (Ref: z/ 121.a)



copper cauldron with spout

20th Century copper cauldron with twin handles and spout

17½" (44cms) High
27½" (70cms) Wide

Price     £240.00     (Ref: X/ 76.h)

Copper Drum Planter  ** Copper drum shaped planter with sealed-up side door and twin handles

21" (53cms) High
25½" (65cms) wide

Price £320.00     (Ref: Za/ 89.c)

Very Large Copper Pan 20th Century Very large copper pan with twin handles

15½ (39cms) High
36" (91cms) Diameter

Price    £320.00      (Ref: za/ 112.a)


Vintage Copper Pan 20th Century Large copper pan with twin handles

10" (25cms) High
24½" (62cms) Diameter

Price    £180.00      (Ref: z/ 121.c)


Copper Vat Early 20th Century copper vat with twin iron handles

19" (48cm) High
22" (56cm) Diameter

Price £180.00   (Ref: y/109.a)

Large brass pan Z10k 20th Century Large heavy duty brass pan with swing handle and riveted iron band to rim

16½" (42cms)  High
25" (63cms)  Wide

Price  £320.00   (Ref: z/ 10.k)

Brass Pan 20th Century Brass pan with swing handle

8½" (22cms)  High
16" (41cms)  Wide

Price  £75.00   (Ref: z/ 72.i)


Copper Chocolatier Pan Early 20th Century French  copper chocolatier / patisserie pan with twin handles

14½" (37cms) High
7" (18cms)  Wide

Price  £130.00  (Ref: z/ 00.a)

Copper pot three lion feet 20th Century copper pot  with three lion paw feet

13" (33 cms) High
16" (40 cms) Wide

Price   £60.00  (Ref  z/ 72.b) 


copper pan 20th Century copper pan with swing handle

12½" (31 cms) High
18" (46 cms) Wide

Price   £90.00  (Ref  y/ 87.h)


swing handled copper pot Early 20th Century copper pot with swing handle

19" (48cm) Top Diameter
14" (36cm) High (excluding handle)

Price   £90.00  (Ref:  W/ 123.f)

Dutch 20th Century Floral decorated copper pot inscribed "TIEL KMD Holland"

16" (41cms) High
13" (33cms) Diameter

Price  £45.00  (Ref:  z/ 30.h)  RESERVED

Copper Warming Pans Set of three copper and brass food warming pans with twin handles

16" (41cms) Diameter

£45.00 Each or £120.00 (The set of three)

Copper pan with swing handle 20th Century large copper pot with iron swing handle

11½" (29cm) High (excluding handle)
21" (53cm) Diameter

Price   £95.00   (Ref: y/ 59.f)


20th Century copper bucket with bark effect impressed decoration

12" (30cms)  High
15" (38cms)  Wide

Price  £40.00  (Ref: Za/ 15.a)


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