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large carved stone trough 19th Century rectangular carved stone trough

33" (84cms) Long
22" (56cms) Wide
11" (28cms) High

Price  £420.00    (Ref: y/ 18.a)


L Shaped Sandstone Trough 19th Century irregular "L" shaped carved sandstone trough

43" (109cms) Max Length
20½ (52cms) Max width
10" (25cms) External height

Price  £420.00  (Ref: za/ 72.692)

triangular marble trough **

19th Century carved marble triangular trough

35" (89cms) Long
26½" (63cms) Shorter Sides
15½" (19cms) High

Price    £420.00     (Ref: x/ 22.o)

Large Granite Trough 18th/19th Century large Granite trough with curved ends

46" (117cms) Long
21" (53cms) Wide
9" (23cms) High

Price  £750.00   (Ref: za/ 12c)

D-shaped Stone Trough D-end stone trough (18th/19th Century)

29" (73cms) Long
20" (51cms) Wide
9" (23cms) High

Price   £230.00     (Ref: g/165.1258)


Limestone bowfronted trough

Bow fronted carved limestone Trough (18th/19th Century) with repaired/replaced bottom

29½" (75cms) Long
25" (63cms) Wide
13" (33cms) High

Price   £320.00     (Ref: z/45.360)



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